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A question answer community on a mission
to share Solutions for all STEM major Problems.
Cant find a problem on ToughSTEM?
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What is ToughSTEM's purpose?
ToughSTEM's purpose is to make studying for STEM major courses time efficient, managable, and alot easier by providing solutions to all problems - for free.

The mission mission is to make solutions and answers to all STEM major problems easy to find, comprehensive, and exist in the first place.

The goal is to be a place where students can be sure they'll find a solution to any question they encounter, be it in a textbook, homework, or a practice exam. To always provide a correct, in-depth solution and give students the ability to ask questions about it if they dont understand. To become a one stop problem solving resource for STEM major problems.
Why solve all STEM?
Because you need answers for the problems you solve to be useful.

Solving problems without answers can be a great waste of time. Textbooks come with hundreds if not thousands of practice problems at the end of their chapters, but the only ones that are useful are the odd ones. Why? Because you can spend as much time as you want on it and still not know if you got it right. You could have missed a huge concept, and been none the wiser. At best, you end up not sure if you're doing it right. At worst, you're practicing bad habits.

If you had the answer, you would know if you were solving the problem or doing something wrong. With the answer, you might even be able to deduce your mistake when you did do it wrong. With answers to all the questions in the book, you'd be able to practice all the problems - even the even ones.

Because just the answer often isnt enough, either.

When you get a problem wrong, it can take hours to find the missing detail - if you ever find it at all. If you're lucky enough to be working on a problem with an answer, sooner or later you'll find yourself having gotten the answer wrong. On a big problem, finding the mistake can be a very time consuming process. You may know all the concepts, but that one detail specific to that problem may be throwing you off. When you're studying at home, theres no one to turn to to point you in the right direction.

If you had the full solution availible, you would be able to compare your process with theirs and find where you went wrong, saving you lots of time and making your studying more efficient. You may even learn a thing or two and find a more efficient method of solving the problem.

Because the more efficiently and effectively we can study, the better.

Problem solving is the heart of STEM. One of the most valuable results of a STEM major degree is the development of a persons problem solving abilities. At the same time, there's a reason textbooks and lectures always include examples: understanding the concepts and material of a chapter may still leave you dead in the water when approaching a problem to solve. Whether that be due to assumptions not stated in the text of a problem or due to methods of applying the concepts you've recently learned that you've not even considered yet - applying the material can be a completely different beast compared to learning the concepts.

Having access to the solutions enables you to confidently attempt all problems knowing that one way or another your'll understand how to solve the problem, enables you to find and compare multiple methods of applying concepts and solving the same problem in different ways, enables you to learn and find insight into the fundementals of the material and problem solving approaches from an additional resource, and enables you to save an extraordinary amount of the limited time a student has - greatly increasing the efficiency of your studies.
Why Free?
Because students pay way too much already.

Outrageous tuition fees, outrageous book fees, and then every service in the world trying to capitalize on that seemingly "free" loan money you're getting. After graduation you're expected to pay $10 for every $1000 you take out in loans, Every Month. STEM majors area great investment, but we're already being milked. Beyond this, some students honestly can't afford it.

ToughSTEM is here to support, encourage, and make the life of STEM majors easier.
We'll find another way to keep the servers running and the software comming.
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ToughSTEM is completely free, and its staying that way. Students pay way too much already.
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A question answer community on a mission
to share Solutions for all STEM major Problems.
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